For private and commercial parking owners, municipalities

Parking digitalization enabling

  • automation of processes
  • entry to parking with the use of a smartphone (“Open the gate” feature in the application)
  • mobile payments for parking - cost savings by reducing the need for human operations, parking terminals etc.
  • preventing revenue leakage caused by human factor
  • access control operated by NaviParking IoT installed in the parking barrier
  • possibility to maintain actual processes (cash machines, tickets) in which scenario digital parking will be value added service and extended functionalities
  • upon customer request 100% digital parking (operated only by software, ticketless, cashless) can be implemented


For airports, owners of parking lots located close to the airports

Cooperation with NaviParking helps attracting new clients. The service is dedicated to parking owners having their parking lots located in close proximity to the airports. Adding their parking facilities to our parking data repository

  • increases parking visibility
  • promotes parking through ParkCloud partnership
  • attracts clients searching for a place to park by a mobile application
  • supports parking management
  • enables mobile payments (with credit card) and making reservations
  • increases client satisfaction


For corporates, business centers

Sharing the use of parking facility between adjacent businesses means:

  • efficient and optimized use of existing parking infrastructure
  • elimination of the burden on developers to build more parking
  • savings $34,000 per space to the developers by reducing the provision of parking
  • satisfaction of residents’ parking needs without increasing supply
  • new sources of revenue from parking lease for adjacent businesses
  • validation of loyalty cards, vouchers

Smart Parking solution for employers:

  • sharing limited parking spaces between facility employees
  • real-time, peer-to-peer vacant parking spots allocation
  • improved employee satisfaction
  • automated process, increased operational efficiency

The solution can be implemented both in the underground and outdoor parking lots. The last scenario (on-ground parking facilities) requires less participation from the side of employees as parking occupancy can be easily managed by outdoor cameras, with almost no participation from the side of users.


For public, private, corporate parking owners

Computer vision car detection is an innovative solution harnessing AI algorithms and machine learning to automate parking management. With the use of camera streaming from IP cameras, the software is able to recognize available and occupied parking spots and report it to the backend and mobile application. Benefits:

  • operational costs reduction
  • monitoring of parking traffic, occupancy to support making data-driven decisions and provide insights about economical feasibility to install parking management (access control) infrastructure
  • fast deployment
  • low costs of maintenance
  • enabling cost/revenue comparison between manual (human-operated) and automated parking management

The solution is dedicated to parking facilities having already installed parking management system (PMS) as well as the ones where PMS does not exist. In the last case it can facilitate decision making process regarding installation of PMS - based on analytics about parking occupancy per time of a day, including seasonal changes and other factors.


For Municipalities

Based on cooperation with Smart City Wrocław and Amsterdam we developed integrated parking management solution consolidating all kinds of parking data from:

  • on-street parking meters
  • mobile payments for parking
  • parking controls - parking management systems (off-street parkings)
  • municipality paid parking zones
  • private and corporate parkings (to broaden information for the drivers about available parkings).

Providing citizens with parking information enables alleviating congestion caused by ineffective searching for parking. The cities can benefit from:

  • integration NaviParking cloud platform with municipality parking open data
  • real-time information for drivers about nearby parkings availability
  • parking enforcement support
  • parking violation reporting - exceeded parking time, parking on restricted areas
  • city dashboard – parking analytics for monitoring parking traffic and supporting urban planning decisions
  • mobile payments for parking with the use of a smartphone. This reduces the cost for a city from collecting parking revenue, when compared to recovering income from traditional parking tickets.

As the solution uses open API, it can be integrated with third parties, like city transport services providers. Creation of a multi-vendor platform allows taking advantage from a common value chain, and services bundling, facilitating further innovation based on Open Data. Shaping Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem, empowers citizens to use one application for all mobility purposes and helps making city transport more balanced.


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